AtWrk Standard Platform

Choose one of our base platforms for a simple get up and go experience. With ongoing support and licensed based billing, this is the easiest way to reap the benefits of the AtWrk philosophy.


AtWrk Custom Platform

Our standard AtWrk platforms are made easy to implement, however this means that they can never meet the specialties of every business. With a custom implementation you can utilise the base platforms while still being able creating the system that works best for you.


AtWrk Custom Integration

AtWrk isn't just us trying to take over your business processes, we know that some business depend on important existing resources. AtWrk systems combined with our expertise can integrate with almost anything you need.

AtWrk Standard Platform

All AtWrk solutions are built from the same basic platform, this allows us to quickly get new systems up and running and get them in your hands so the development process can begin.

To start you off, you can try getting up and running just from one of our standard platforms. These are ready to go so you can have your business working through them in no time with our easy setup wizard and support from our team if you need it.

From our many years of experience we have created several base platforms which we feel suit the needs of the key sectors that we have worked in. ServiceAtWrk encompasses the core functionality of any service based business with a mobile workforce carrying out tasks either on a local or national scale. We've already built in statuses, custom job details, attachments to tasks and scheduling all handled both in a CRM for your management staff to use and in a mobile app to keep people on the road updated and engaged. All this makes getting you off the ground an easy process which doesn't take long and doesn't need to cost the earth.

We also have other base platforms to suit other business types so even if ServiceAtWrk doesn't sound like it would suit you then we are confident that we can provide you with something that will. Fundamentally the AtWrk core system is something that works from a level that universal to any type of business, our standard platforms are just manifestations of what we believe are the most widely used implementations of this. If you have a working business then we believe AtWrk can automate it.

AtWrk Custom Platform

While the base platforms we produce have what we think is the essential day to day for any business, sometimes there are some things that need that extra touch.

With the wealth of experience we have working with customers on their business processes and working on consulting their staff to reach a solution that works for everyone, we are confident that we can take our base platforms and create the best business solution for you and your team.

We have a range of modules that we can bolt directly into your base AtWrk solution as well as the ability to create any kind of customisation you require from custom status updates, implementing custom automated emails and SMS outputs to complex system processes, import routines and native mobile apps.

A lot of customisation that comes out of the systems for our customers is born from usage of an already implemented solution. In creating a more universal product through our AtWrk Standard Platforms we open peoples eyes to the potential that a system like this can bring to their business. New ideas flow quickly once a business gets their hands on the system and their staff can submit feedback. More often than not we find that a system grows more after initial implementation than anyone could expect which is also why AtWrk systems are designed to get you up and running quickly so that the reality of what you actually need rather than what you might think you need can come to the forefront, avoiding many costly mistakes or rabbit holes.

AtWrk Custom Integration

A lot of our customers are not just looking for a solution that runs their business and some aren't just looking for one that helps their business achieve new goals. Many businesses come to us with existing systems that need to be integrated within all kinds of different ways.

Integration can be a tough challenge, and some companies steer clear of it all together (wisely so), but we realised that this isn't something that we can just turn our noses up to and let the world revolve around us. Integration can be a tough thing to conquer but working with the world around us is, in our minds, a much better solution.

All AtWrk solutions are built on a common engine that we have been incrementally improving over the last 15 years+ which makes them not only easy for us to work on but malleable in a way that gives us the confidence to approach any kind of tough implementation with confidence. No matter what it is that you are looking to achieve, we know that we can provide a solution for you.

Accounts Integration


Quick Books

With Quickbooks being the software of choice for our own accounting we have always used AtWrk technologies to automate as much as we can to make accounting that much easier. With automated inserts into Quickbooks the workload and organisation of your accounts becomes minimal which is better for everyone, your accountants will be happy and you will be happy because you can spend less time on account management and more time getting on with more work.



Sage is a favourite among many of our customers and we have been working with Sage integrations for many years now. We can sync all of your suppliers, nominals, departments, projects and cost centres or even work with you to integrate with sage in a way that suites you should your AtWrk solution be more unique.

We can also link up with Sage Pay integration so that your end-to-end solution is all connected seamlessly.



Xero is a newer platform that we are currently working on due to demand and growing popularity of the platform, we always want to make sure we can meet the needs of our customers as they move to an AtWrk solution.

Xero integration will be able to take your processes from end-to-end with invoices going straight back to Xero fully approved.

Payment Integration



World pay is a widely used professional solution that works well for our customers who see a future in including card machines and/or take payments over the phone. We have worked with companies in the travel sector who particularly lean towards Worldpay over other providers.



If you are already using Sage for your accounting then taking payments can be made very easy by using SagePay along side it. With some customers already using Sage and Quickbooks for accounting we find that using SagePay for payments is the best solution.



PayPal is one of the most universally known online payment gateways with a huge user base so can be a popular choice if taking payments over the phone or through machines is not something you need or want. Online payment integration through PayPal is the choice of many people who want to have a contemporary and easy online experience for their customers.

Next Steps...

If one of the above options sounds like something that would be great for you then get in touch with us now to see what we can do.

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