ServiceAtWrk features provide an off the shelf solution making paper free process and field communication more straightforwards and robust. Extract accurate time card information and geo-location as needed for duty of care and performance management.

Mid-adult manual worker is sitting in his van, looking through paperwork while speaking to someone on the phone.

Work Order / Job Management

Take your work orders digital and remove paper from the business as usual field service operations. Remove cell phone communication between dispatcher and workers. ServiceAtWrk has many features specifically guided towards field service workers and communication.

  • Statement of works
  • Priority
  • Scheduling
  • Electronic Signature/s
  • Parts Usage inc Stock
  • Location specific eForms for on-site use only.
Female IT Engineer Working in Server Room

Customer, Site and Site Contact Database

No more slips of paper notes for customer calls, build the relationships with Site Contacts and word order callers to ensure good customer retention and end to end service management.

  • Customer records
  • Site Contact records
  • Multiple Sites per company
  • Customer communication preferences
female heating engineer arrives at job

Mobile Field Service Workforce

iOS and Android apps available for worker to access the ServiceAtWrk platform, various levels of 2FA (2 factor authentication) are available to ensure security.

  • Job acceptance management
  • In transit tracking
  • Estimate time of arrival and completion.
  • On site collection of customer signature/s
  • Direct job related photos or photos added to job gallery.

Controller / Dispatcher

The workforce and workload at your fingertips. Track your workers availability, location, progress with real-time information from the work site. Two way live communication from Office to Site. No more guessing when your workers will arrive on or, clear site.

  • Suggested closest worker
  • Work order time cards.
  • Weekly and Monthly planners to ensure proper resource utilisation.

Integration and Invoicing

ServiceAtWrk is fully compatible with many of the popular accounting platforms. Xero and Quickbooks provide direct invoice API's allowing your back office process to complete a job and mark it for invoicing and it will be uploaded to your accounts package automatically.

  • Electronic Invoicing
  • 3rd party data integration Output/Input
  • Advanced analytics tools.
  • Power BI integration.