Our Approach



With over 20 years experience in the field of software development and management, the AtWrk team have accumulated bags of invaluable know-how. It's our business to identify the technology our clients need and help them put it into practise, get organised and grow their companies in the right direction.

We approach every project with meticulous attention to detail, thorough planning and the right resources to deliver on time, on budget and to specification.

But who are the people behind the magic? Read on to find out more about our founders Dave, Martin & Ed!

Meet the Team

It takes a broad range of skills to bring our clients the creative, efficient business solutions they need and we're proud of our team's unique mixture of passionate skilled individuals. When we're not using those passions to solve our clients' needs, you might find them being spent on 2 wheels, deep underwater or hurtling round a track!

Dave Churchman

Founder & CTO


Dave's been consulting businesses on back office and mobile workforce solutions for over 20 years. His love of technology began building PCs back in the day. Dave's our water baby and never happier than in his underwater scuba diving gear.

Martin Belcher

Founder & System Architect


Martin has over 25 years experience in business process management and software development but his skills in efficiency, automation and integration are integral to our company. In his downtime he likes nothing better than racing trails and going vertical.

Ed Dyer

Founder & Team Principle


Ed drives the team forward, ensuring our customers get what they need and our staff stay on track. His passion lays in creative user experience and making things work as simply as possible. When he's not driving us forward in the office, you'll find him driving sideways on a race track!

Next Steps

If your business isn't flying as fast as it should or needs a technology boost we'd love to hear from you. If you'd rather talk Scuba Diving, BMX Trailing or Drifting, that'd be fun too!