Service AtWrk

After extensive experience creating Service Management Systems for our customers AtWrk now brings together a new product for the service industry...

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Taxi AtWrk

As we’ve worked across industries we’ve found key features which make a system useful for anyone in that line of work. The private Taxi industry is no exception and when the opportunity to work with local businesses came up, we had to give it a go...

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CallCentre AtWrk

AtWrk have worked closely with busy call centres to get to the heart of what makes their lives easier. More exposure of performance to team leaders and faster automated processes for first line staff members. We realise that the focus needs...

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Business Team Working Office Worker Concept

Working with us

AtWrk has developed a product platform that encompasses the core values of our business, simple and effective systems with a solid backbone of process and efficiency at it's core. With us you will be able to find a solution that is right for you and will benefit your business. When working with us you are part of the team as we make sure that our customers take a lead role in their own projects to make sure the key objectives are always being met.

To start every relationship with a new customer with a new project we get the fundamentals down. The foundations of the project come from our customers and we make sure that the right solution is found. Check out our services page to find out what levels of service we can offer.

Once the relationship is established we work through the core functions that are needed with each implementation of AtWrk to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Through our years of experience we have found that an agile form of working is the best way to continuously improve a solution as we aim for the end goal. Regular reviews whether that is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, combined with your involvement will help the solution meet objectives and help you realise the most important areas to you and perhaps some areas that initially felt like a must have but after review become second to areas that you hadn't even realised.

Once implemented we don't wipe our hands of our customers, we are there to provide continued support and maintenance to ensure you are up and running 24/7, 365 days a year. Our support system goes direct to the team to sort any short term needs or issues and we even include a hosting plan so everything is taken care of.

Next Steps...

If you think our products and philosophy are what can revolutionise your business then get in touch with us now and lets get started.